In the heart of New Orleans, with New Orleans in her heart, Cee Rich wakes up in the morning to design a completely tailored experience to each of her customers at Hairotic Love Studio. Anyone in love with the culturally iconic “Big Easy” will feel a profound connection to such royal colors of purple and gold. Both historically connected to wealth, abundance and celebration, these characteristics are synonymous with the great city that is wealthy of culture, love, abundance and celebration.

This feeling continues as clients of Hairotic Love Studio enter to spend no more than 2 hours among the royal decor, and experience first-class service while having their tresses maintained and given life by the mane-artist herself. A quick trip to the review section of the website will land you on an ongoing page of positively glowing reviews from women who feel like queens as they enjoy a pristinely royal salon, and boast of never having an experience they feel unsure about. As the photos suggest, Cee Rich is more than a hairdresser, she is an artist who treats the hair as a canvas, while taking the care to keep health first, in and out of the salon.

“Here is Louisiana, I was raised that your hair is your crown, you should take pride in it. When a client comes to me, much like a patient going to the doctor, I am going to make sure their hair is in shape when they leave and educate them on how to take care it during the times between appointments. When you get your hair done, you feel fresh and rejuvenated, and I strive to own up to my clients compliments. When they come to me, it’s like therapy for them, so I always want to greet them with a good heart and help them feel beautiful, secure and confident.”

Everything Cee Rich learned about the dos and don’ts of hair, she learned from her hometown, though she traveled away from the curious city to expand her knowledge of hair beyond her hometown. Though her skills grew up and away from the rich roots of New Orleans, her roots are deeply embedded here, and her commitment to service demonstrates that Rich is driven by hospitality, rather than consumerism and competition.

She began her career, first as a young, unsanctioned, but adept stylist working out of her home and providing affordable house calls, then moved on to the New Orleans Molers Beauty college in 1999. After graduating, she continued her path as a self-employed stylist until the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina changed her fate, taking her to Dallas, TX to start over and build anew.

Away from New Orleans, Rich continued her education in Dallas after spending some away from the hair industry, immersing herself in altruistic opportunities like helping special needs children. Eventually, hair called her back, and thus decided to update her training via the Velma B. Beauty School. After feeling confident to get back into the hair industry, Rich took a stylist job at a branch of SmartStyle, a popular salon chain. Within three months, Rich began managing the salon.While working full-time, Rich and sought out mentorship with the

well-respected Trish Sutton, who eventually teamed with her to host the Hair Tour Expo, back in New Orleans.

Stepping out into the spotlight of the hair industry, Rich parlayed her work ethic and passion for hair into working on platforms with the Bronner Bros, studying with Denise Michelle of Next Level Concept’s Mentorship Miami program, and investing in more technique training with the famed Mr. Chuck Cable. With a level up in training and inter-regional experience within the hair community overtime, Rich became a salon favorite. Her flare for hair and hospitality glowed in the culturally different market of Dallas, but after a brief vacation, Rich decided to take her remaining savings and open her own studio, back in the City that raised her to be the woman and hairdresser that she is.

Being a hairdresser for 18 years. Cee Rich has learned to work with all ethnicities and textures of hair. Booking an appointment with her means booking with a stylist who prides herself on being a great listener and credits her listening skills to each client’s satisfaction. It means an intimate experience where the customer is more than an appointment on the books and you can be sure she will be working with the best techniques and cutting edge products.

Aside from a skilled stylist who is able to cut, style and provide upkeep to hair, Cee Rich is also a certified colorist with Matrix, Pravana and Redkin. And if you’re curious about the wonders of the Brazilian Blowout, she is certified in the technique and accompanying products as well, making her a well studied, extremely adept stylist who can transform your tresses with the best in styling technology.

If 18 years of consistency, grace, genuine care, style and unlimited creativity hasn’t already gotten your appointment booked, then maybe the knowledge that Cee Rich was nominated and eventually won the Night For the Stars’ Winter 2017 award for “Best Stylist.” Though the award pertained to her styling abilities, the nomination was given to her because of her impeccable bedside manner and focus within the hair community and her community-at-large.

Cee Rich still makes sure to immerse herself in charity work and rides with the well-known motorcycle club called the #1Stunnas, where she is currently holds the position of public relations officer. Ask Cee Rich about her work in the community and see how you can be a part. Supporting your stylist means feeding those with nutrition deficits, reaching out to the youth, and being an active part of your community, keep it big and easy! Stay fly and step high! Make sure you book your appointment ASAP to come and enjoy the lifestyle change of the Cee Rich Experience!